The Unknown Truth

June 20, 2011
By enaz195 BRONZE, Pensacola, Florida
enaz195 BRONZE, Pensacola, Florida
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My dreams of peace are gone,
They shall never be heard again,
And I feel like a puny pawn,
This pain shall soon drive me insane.

This battle is a eternal campaign,
To many lives have been lost,
All of this is nothing but ordain,
And my heart is covered in frost.

The two powers have crossed,
We are all animals on a chain,
The truth has yet again been glossed,
All of this is done in vain.

We shall all eventually be under one reign,
But there shall be a terrible cost,
Countless millions shall be slain,
It will be the second Holocaust.

We shall all be a loss,
And some shall no longer be on that righteous train,
And the bodies shall be embroidered with green moss,
Victory shall never be attained.

We shall rule the world,
We shall spread faster than a blight,
All the secret ambitions shall be unfurled,
But this shall not happen overnight,

Some shall be able to hear the holy bells,
While others shall hear the screams of Hell,
Their restitution shall never be paid,
And their paths have now been made.

There will be a rebellion,
And it cannot be stopped,
They shall form a new union,
But they shall all eventually make it to the top.

A new government shall be formed,
It shall bring about a new realization,
But the past shall be mourned,
And our minds shall have a vacation.

We shall not be bought,
You shall be paid no heed,
This shall be as painful as a shot,
But you will soon do a good deed.

This was all done in the name of fun,
But that didn't last forever,
And some shall always be shunned,
But we shall all eventually seem clever.

We are nothing but fools,
No matter how much you deny,
Your mind is just a empty pool,
But all you choose is to lie.

Your mind shall go to the ones you love,
The feelings shall soon break the mold,
They shall escape you like a runaway dove,
But they shall leave you bold.

Your heart will eventually break,
But it can still be recovered,
This cannot be solved by a swim in the lake,
But it must be nurtured.

All of the repressed memories shall rise,
The pain shall seem unbearable,
You would rather e stabbed by a knife,
And you will always seem to be terrible.

All thoughts will soon change,
Some shall be irreversible,
The thoughts shall be stretched across a wide range,
While others seem to be rehearsable.

Soon the kids shall have nothing to inherit,
They shall march towards death,
But they shall all have earned merit,
And their lives shall end more tragic then the story of Macbeth.

Blood shall flow in a steady stream,
But they shall just push harder,
This will all seem like a bad dream,
And people shall look towards the father.

He shall accept them with open arms,
They shall all be forgave,
And will be given a important charm,
And those souls shall have a save haven.

The earth shall soon be scorched,
We shall look towards the northern light,
We shall watch from a distant porch,
And it will shine so bright.

We shall walk the paths unknown,
The planet shall be destroyed,
All of the signs were shown,
We shall be sucked into a deep void.

New lands shall be discovered,
The truth shall hover around,
Old lies shall be uncovered,
And our souls shall be unbound.

We shall all pass on,
We shall gain tons of fame,
It will all be one big con,
And everyone shall know our names.

There shall be new wonders,
It shall male the deepest minds ponder,
How this came to be,
And why we are all so free.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this is someone special to me showing me the importance of faith, and I leave this open for interpretation.

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