Devil's Piano

June 16, 2011
I’m sitting here in an empty hallway,
With no end or hope in sight,
A piano sits with darkened shadows
Haunting every sound tonight.

I can see you so close to me,
Unable to stop the chills,
Crawling up my arm so slowly,
Ignoring my dying will.

Can’t you stop such a dreary noise?
You must be hearing how I cry,
The balance of your loving hands,
Won’t keep me from asking why.

Blame the passion that lit the fire,
Or the love taken too far,
But don’t dare accuse the people,
Who play feelings like guitars.

Did you hear the sarcasm there?
Sweet poison flowing from my lips
I’m begging you to save me,
These hands can’t forever hold my grip.

But you cannot listen to my pain,
With your eyes on a devil’s game,
If my shallow breaths aren’t saved,
I’ll sit here and die behind my shame.

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