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May 31, 2011
By salocin20 BRONZE, Verona, Wisconsin
salocin20 BRONZE, Verona, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"When life throws you a punch it's not if you fall over that's important, it's how fast you get back up."

I was the first to live and to become myself
In this universe of pain.
And filled with greed that tortured me,
I sought only my self-gain.

I was the first to sell my soul,
and with the devil, I had tea.
He turned me bad, he did,
‘till killing people was a glee.

I was the first to die in battle,
the bloody battle of the earth.
As a lone soldier I stood my ground
Because I stood for who gave me birth.

I was the first to go to hell,
Though for me it’s not that bad
I only had to help the devil,
The best time I’ve ever had.

I was the first to burn in the fire,
The fire that burns you down to the cinder.
All that was left was my soul that kept me alive
I had been eliminated for being a hinder.

I was the first to see the stars sing,
I saw the moon was gold.
And the sun was like silver on that night,
It was a sight that made me bold.

I was the first to oppose the devil,
To see him eye to eye.
I no longer cared if I had a billion year life,
Or if I had to die.

I was the first to proclaim victory,
As the demon crawled into his hole.
I was the first to smell his blood,
He, as hard as coal.

My heart, turned black,
Was now as light as day.
My soul had returned to me
As one who had gone astray.

I was the first to create,
I was the first to make,
I was the first to put things together,
So you would be the first to take.

I was the Last.

The author's comments:
this is my first time. i just thought i would try out some poetry that i wrote in class.

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