Dear Mia

June 10, 2011
My dear Mia,
It’s been far too long.
What happened to our friendship?
It‘s been broken, no longer a bond.
I liked the bones,
Especially my hips.
And the feeling of the brush,
When it pulled apart my lips.

My dear Mia, please come back.
I know I wished you away,
But now I’m under attack.
They’re coming in thousands,
Begging me to stay.
They asked about
You Mia, but my answer was delayed.

My insides keep saying
That I need you,
My stomach misses the pain.
I’m just wondering Mia, do you do This to others too?
What do you tell them, when they Think of you in vain?
Do you block them up forever,
Taking away their chance to change?

I know that’s what you do, Mia, Because you don’t
Want them to chose.
You’ll never be number one,
You’re always gonna lose.
She’s stronger than you Mia,
More powerful than the sun.
And once she‘s rid of you, my dear
She’ll be forever on the run.

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