My Ending

June 5, 2011
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Never ending fear as I face the night
Never once being able to see light
Here I know comes the fight…

Farther and farther do I run.
I never thought this to be fun.
What has God done here?

Gun shots heard all throughout the land
As I feel the end come; I am now banned
For life.

Last breath rushes in.
I no longer am able to fend, for myself.
I am limp…and dead.

Doctors are too late; their hands covered in my blood.
My death is little to bare
For even the doctors don’t care.

Down do I fall;
Down to hell’s great halls.
Never rising again for my glory…

Red blood covers the walls.
Thorns, glass and rocks cover the floors.
Cuts inflicted upon me as I walk these halls.

My soul begins to burn
As I see life so low.
I now reap what I have sown…

Screams are all I mutter.
Screams are all I can say.
The sad truth is I could see this day.

Weaker do I grow
As I see everyone as a foe.
Fear grows deep inside of me.

Here he comes in a suit of red
With hundreds of mistresses in his bed.
I realize now what a terrible life I have led.

Hands tied behind my back.
The strength I need I lack
To face my doom.

Stripped bare.
He says I am fare.
I no longer care…

The cell into I fall.
All I can see is night black walls.
I never thought I would be here.

Death do I wish to end me.
Death do I wish to make me free.
Realization that I am already dead…

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