Never Felt This Way

May 27, 2011
Like a sugar rush with out the sugar,
no one there but him and her.
A smile makes the world so simple.
The sun is shining, that’s for sure.

Chocolate pools mirrored in the deepest blue,
finding what words can not say.
Day dreamt fantasies coming true,
chips falling where they may.

Who knew the hardest thing was breathing,
allowed but one breath per day.
Her crimson cheeks brightly burning,
yet her anticipation won’t melt away.

A million ways to say I love you,
just one look can say it all.
Looking over a promising cliff,
wondering what it would be like to fall.

Thoughts like fireworks exploding,
velvet skies paint the day.
Best things in life come unexpected.
It’s much better that way.

Then final looks engrave themselves,
and forever will they stay.
She realizes as the candle’s blown out,
she has never felt this way.

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