ballad of bordom

May 20, 2011
It captured me. I had sinned, and it took me in as its own. It welcomed me to a life of hate, with nothing to do. But, this is my life, as my life is welcomed to suffering, eternally damned. Welcome. Like white walls, plastered, and painted.
“Believe”, it told me. Truth is, with this creature as my guardian, I cannot believe in anything now. I was lost, drowning there, and nobody saved me. Taken in by the one who damned me. Restriction delimited me.
Throbbing, bleeding, broken, and crying, you could tell what was once around me. Surrounded by friendships, that cannot support me. This unease took me in and it fed me when I was hungry, bathed me when dirty, calmed me when angry. Despite my anger, I was angry at this beast, for taking me in her arms now. This monster is a solid factual state of the mind; it not only helped me, but created me as well.
Nothingness, it was just the dark that took my hand, as I forgot what this demonic state of confusion brought me. "I HAVE NOTHING TO DO." that was the title of the billboard that was at the edge of his home-town. And at the bottom, a simple signature,

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