My Beautiful Blue Rose

May 23, 2011
By , Lake Worth, FL
One day God came for a visit
He gave an important job to me
He gave me a seed, and simple instructions—
To grow it to what it’s meant to be
I had many arguments and questions
I thought maybe I’ve heard wrong
But he just smiled, said “Do your best”
And he was gone
Well, I did do my best
I watered that seed and placed it outside
Before long it sprouted, I’ve grown to love it
I feared it would die
That’s when more worries came
What if I wasn’t giving it the right water?
What if something happened that I couldn’t control?
I protected it like my own daughter
I continued to love it
And it grew and grew
It was a lovely rose
But….it came out blue
I ignored the shocking color
And loved it just the same
I gave it a special spot in my garden
And Olivia as a name
It became a mature plant
And she soon realized she was blue
She questioned me and felt ashamed
But if only she knew
She was the most beautiful of all
In fact, she was quite rare
But she hated the way she looked
She thought life was unfair
Then came picking season, where she was ignored
No one gave her a second glance
I was so angry, I screamed
“Is it because she’s blue? Just give her a chance!”
Well, that made things worse for her
She went inside to hide
When I found her, she was dyed red
One look and we both cried
“Believe me, you are beautiful.
Ignore what everyone said.
Don’t rely on their standard of beauty.
Be followed, not led.”
She wiped up her tears, washed off the paint
And walked out with a smile
There was one last picker
He stared at her a while
Then announced “She’s perfect!
I’ve been looking for her for years.
I can’t believe I’ve found you!”
Out her eyes flowed more blue tears
I reluctantly let her go, but it was ok
Because it was to the man who saw her for whom she was
My beautiful, rare, blue rose
He truly loved her, I could tell he does
I’m older now, but I still get letters
She’s won contests around the state
Thanks to the man who took care of her
Almost as well as I did, it was fate
I smiled to myself, wiped away one last tear
Then God popped out of nowhere, I screamed
But he reassured me “No need to fear.
I just came to say good job.”
I was confused. “But, Lord, she was blue.
She was miserable for most of her life.
No one would pick her; I didn’t know what to do!”
God smiled. “But look at her now.
She’s with the man that was meant for her
I made her blue for a reason
You know she’s beautiful, and you love her.
That’s why I gave the job to you.
No, you didn’t mess everything up.
I told you grow her into what she’s meant to be
To guide her as she was growing up.”
I was out of tears, but God had more to say.
“Yes, she started off miserable, but now it’s ok.
You did what you needed to do
And now everybody knows.
She’s more than a mistake.
She’s your beautiful, blue rose.”

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