Goodbye My Friend

May 23, 2011
By shar_LiteXD GOLD, New Haven, Connecticut
shar_LiteXD GOLD, New Haven, Connecticut
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Bond of emotions held tight like a ball in my chest. These feelings are left unexpressed. Anger, hurt, pain and fear refuse to bleed outside into tears. I try to fight back what doesn't show. they don't undersatand me. No one can. And if I were to explain, I'd explode. I scream everyday to the heavens to bring me back my life long friend, hoping an angel would hear me, but no one hears me. They never do. I told you, everything I love just vanishes and you did, too. I warned you not to get in my heart. I let my guard down and you tore me apart. I told you not to be my friend but you just wouldn't go away. And you never do. I'm down here, wishing it could've been me and not you. You are gone and, in a way, I am too. Goodbye my lost hope, life, and friend. one day, hopefully, we'll meet again.

The author's comments:
this is a tragic poem I wrote 2 years ago about a friend i lost. I found this in an old folder. When I first wrote it, i was just putting my emotions down on paper. Now when I read it, I look back at it and just cry. i thought it was the most beautiful thing I've ever writen.

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