May 22, 2011
By betsy smith BRONZE, Denton, Texas
betsy smith BRONZE, Denton, Texas
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Early in the morning the cowboy did rise,
He put on his hat, his boots and his chaps to protect his thighs, Over to the house
for some good breakfast to eat,
He had a big day ahead and some friends to meet,

Today was the day for the long cattle drive,
He hoped the cattle would stay together like bees do with a hive.

From the Brazos Valley to the plains of Kansas they would go,
The trail would be long and hard never stopping for a show,

His horse named Bill would help him everyday,
The cowboy and Bill would guide the cows showing them their way,

The trail had mountains, valleys,

and rivers to cross,
The object was to get the cattle to Dodge City and not to get lost,

Everyday was a new one, some days were rainy and some days were sunny,
Even though the work was hard he did it for love of the trail and not for money,

At night the cowboy would camp and sit and look at the stars on a hill,
He would even get out a guitar and sing a lullaby to Bill,

The night sky was beautiful; all the stars were so bright,
The cowboy and his friends would sit and tell stories by the firelight,

The drive would go through towns

like Jacks borough, Enid, and

Cold water,
When the cowboy and his friends hit the Kansas border they let out a holler,

Yippee Ky Yea! They yelled for their destination was close at hand,
Dodge City was close and they were excited they might even get to listen to a band,

The cowboy and Bill rode into town driving the cows to the OK Corral,
The drive was done; it was time for the cowboy and Bill to take a bow,

The cowboy and Bill had done their job and were now ready for a rest,
From Texas to Kansas they had rode hard and they did their very best!

The author's comments:
one of my dearest friends inspired me to write this piece.

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