Sooner Rather Than Later

May 22, 2011
By DiabeticWizard BRONZE, Argyle, Texas
DiabeticWizard BRONZE, Argyle, Texas
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My Family got all packed up -
The Horses, the Saddles, and the Old family brand -
We were headed out this Early mornin’ -
To stake out a Piece of Oklahoma land.

People lined up for Miles along the coveted border -
All of them with Hopes of a new beginnin’ -
It seemed like Relentless Chaos, no order -
And everyone had Dreams of winnin’.

Land was Everyone’s number one desire -
The thing They coveted most -
One aspect of The Event I did admire -
Was the Diversity in the people from coast to coast.

Many Families were lookin’ for new starts -
A new Home to call their’s -
Some even left Early- flew off like darts -
These Sooners were so Desperate, they figured, who cares -

Dad was Excited about livin’ in a new place -
Explorin’ the wide-open Plains -
Mother just thought it would be a Wild Goose chase -
Up and down this Place where it never rains.

But all that came to my Mind was one thing -
That Vast, Everlastin’ Oklahoma land -
Those plains that could make a Choir sing -
And make Music for any Band.

I Dreamt of herdin’ hundreds of cattle -
Ridin’ my Horse a thousand miles -
And play fightin’ Wild Indians in battle -
While these Thoughts crossed my mind, I began to Smile.

And as the official pulled the Trigger -
And the shot was fired to start the race -
My Smile just kept gettin’ bigger -
Until it Covered my face.

The author's comments:
Inspired from ancestors who participated in the Oklahoma Land Run

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