April 26, 2011
By Anonymous

I will never understand her,
Overprotective as she is,
Melanie don't fall;be careful!,
Melanie stay close to me honey,
Melanie is that really what you plan on wearing?,
Melanie "books over boys",
Melanie don't hang with those kids!,
Melz I do this because I love you,
I told her you hate me and I hate you get outta my life,
12 hours labor on a baby boy,
Two bodies converged as one,
He's beautiful mommies little angel Paul J.,
but where's mommy...walkin' with Jesus,
Absorbed in sadness sitting in a puddle of tears,
I get up hatin' that baby cursing his name,
He was a murderer as he lay there screamin' a criminal,
Regardless I was all he had left,
As I pick him up I say "Paulie don't cry you are my everything".

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