God Is Great

May 15, 2011
Sometimes it is very hard to see,
Why God would love someone like me,
He is just so perfect and amazing,
His word is a flame that never stops blazing.

He sent his son to die for our sin,
One day he is coming back again,
He is so fair and so just,
Compared to him I am dust.

He gives us so many chances,
Without even giving us second glances,
He loves us no matter what we do,
I think God deserves some love too.

He has let so many miracles occur,
He healed a man who could see only a blur,
He raised a man from the dead,
He is just to much for my little head.

I know God has me all planned out,
I want to know so much it makes me shout,
But I know its gonna be worth a wait,
I trust God to control my fate.

God sees everything we do,
He knows everything we think too,
He is always there to protect us,
Even though we sin and we cuss.

God holds infinite forgiveness,
No matter how much we miss,
He would never hold a grudge,
This man is our ultimate judge.

He is willing to save us if we repent,
That is a decision I will never resent,
Getting save is by far the best,
I have lived for God and forgot about the rest.

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KatB14 said...
Jul. 7, 2011 at 9:15 pm

I love this poem, I really relate  and get it.

Sometimes I feel like you stretch for rhymes, and it ends up a little awkward-sounding. Like "protect us" and "cuss". I think you could have made it a better line. Lovely poem though :)

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