Birth of a God

May 10, 2011
By SavoryDecadence BRONZE, Culver City, California
SavoryDecadence BRONZE, Culver City, California
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A hope stretched a thousand miles
A weary traveler's dream
To tread the ground of salvation
Guided by an effervescent gleam

Entry into the future of a nation
A step into the convictions of others
Born into a home of ancients
Conceived by a surrogate mother

Throughout the night and day
Holy trials befouled him
To reach the land of sight
Ambled by careful limb

Animals gathered to bless
A preacher clothed in dismay
No room for him in the world of others
Bathed with straws he lay

A sight to see for all
Though blinded by the light
Saints will exalt him on high
The purity of God and his might

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