Wild Tide In A Silent Sea

May 11, 2011
By shar_LiteXD GOLD, New Haven, Connecticut
shar_LiteXD GOLD, New Haven, Connecticut
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“We have no right to express an opinion until we know all of the answers" -Kurt Cobain

I held it back as much as I could and, strong as I am, in breakable I stood but heavy burdens so high, continually, lifting up, held in so long, though I stood strong, had begun to erupt. And in being so strong, I forgot where I belonged but now all me started to bleed. I bled and I wept through all pain kept and I shot out, like a crimson tide free and wide, secrets, memories, confessions spreading, carelessly, across. Though I stood strong and held back for so long my intentions weren't meant to be. My secrets and crimes feelings, with infinate time, got a hold of me. And I shot out. Like a crimson tide, free and wide, emerging in a silent sea.

The author's comments:
For a long time i hadn't been talking 2 any1. my friends hated it so they sat me down interagating me till i said somethin. something after a wile had burst and instead of wat i was going 4 (saying nothin) i said everything. it sucked 2 b honest. i cried. i never cried b4 n the whole thing felt weird -talking, crying, my friends being there. it changed things tho n i was better.

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