Percy Jackson & The Olympians

May 17, 2011
Percy Jackson was half god-half man
His mother was taken by Hades who had a plan.
Hades wanted Zeus' lightning bolt for power,
His wife was Persephone, goddess of the flowers.

He went to get his mom and the bolt on a quest,
He was accompanied by Annabeth/Grover two of the best.
They made their way towards the first pearl,
For they needed three to escape the underworld.

They entered a little shop that gave them a scare,
but they didn't know it was Medusa's lair!
Medusa came back and noticed them,
Percy slayed Medusa and she became less of a problem.

They retrieved the first pearl with two more to go,
Then they left, they couldn't be too slow.
So they headed down to Tennessee,
For that is where the next pearl would be.

They arrived in Nashville at a Greek museum,
It seemed as large as the Colosseum.
The three waited until dark to get into action,
The place was filled with people, they did not want to be an attraction.

When everyone left and the workers remained,
Annabeth put them to sleep and Percy had the pearl retained.
It was then he saw it on a statue of a goddess,
He was frightened to be so high and he was modest.

After all their hard work they finallyy got it,
And forgot about the workers who began to stir a bit.
The three turned around to see the cleaning crew awake,
They also noticed that the employees seemed to shake.

They found themselves looking at a dragon with many heads,
Percy secretly felt as if he'd rather be in bed.
After they finally defeated the dragon and got it over with,
Percy and the others began to feel a little stiff.

So off they went with two pearls down,
They went to get the next one in a famous little town.
When Las Vegas lay dead ahead,
The gang began to feel worry and dread.

They found themselves at the Lotus Hotel/Casino,
Which was filled with people that dated back to the Great Bambino.
A waiter greeted them and handed them little Lotus treats,
The kids were so starving because they rarely eat.

The flowers put them in a sort of trance,
They forgot all about the mission in one glance.
All of a sudden they wanted to stay,
To have fun and play video games all day.

Suddenly a powerful voice spoke to him,
He told Percy not to forget about the mission.
It was then that Percy remembered about the third pearl,
He went and found Grover near a bunch of girls.

When the three united, they searched again,
They felt as though they were cooped up in a pin.
After several minutes they found it and tried to leave,
But a guard by the door noticed and began to heave.

The trio were able to escape safe and sound,
They left happily with all of the pearls they found.
The three set off to Hollywood for the Underworld,
But non of the expected their story to be curled.

They eventually found Hades and were about the make a deal,
When the bolt appeared in their backpack the object he wanted to steal.
He was about to become strong but Persephone knocked him out cold.
Percy got his mother and the bolt and left bold.

The four of them were almost to Zeus,
When Luke showed up and put his plan to use.
He told them the truth, it was him who stole the bolt,
All of them were so surprised they felt a jolt.

Percy was so mad that they both battled,
They did so much destruction the building rattled.
When it was all over and Luke was gone,
They ran to Olympus as quick as a fawn.

They got the bolt to the god's in time,
And Percy could not speak like a mime.
He saw his father for the first time in his life,
As he spoke his words were as sharp as a knife.

Percy was relieved the quest was over,
He was also glad because he felt less sober.
He went to Camp Half-Blood and fell asleep that night,
He woke up in a stage of fright.

He was in his own bed and his mother was here,
But the date was different and he looked in the mirror.
His face was cut-free and more surprised that it seemed,
It was then he realized his journey was a dream.

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MidnightNow1127 said...
Oct. 15, 2011 at 8:18 pm
:) I like it! I honestly prefer the books, but this is in perfect sync with the movie. Nicely done.
Acastillo replied...
Oct. 16, 2011 at 1:00 am
Thanks. I'm trying to find the time to write more, right now I'm working on another poem!
MidnightNow1127 replied...
Oct. 16, 2011 at 2:59 pm
Do you think I should post the next chapter of my story? Another Goddess Born?
Acastillo replied...
Oct. 17, 2011 at 11:25 pm
Yes I think you should, I really want to hear more! :)
MidnightNow1127 replied...
Oct. 18, 2011 at 12:41 pm
Then I will. :)
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