The Bee

May 17, 2011
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A bee was buzzing next to me
Looking at something I couldn’t see
But in front of me was a bunch of forest trees
That were standing tall with pride

After that, the bee led me to an ant
Which was looking at something I didn’t know
It was green like a plant
But then it became as white as snow

The ant was afraid and began to run
I just stayed and glanced at the sun
Then something rubbed against my feet
It was a pretty, little cat

The cat began looking from side to side
Then it ran, trying not to collide
With the producers and the consumers
Finally it stopped and sat, as simple as that

I heard a bark from miles away
So the cat ended its stay
Then it rushed to the bay
To spent its whole day
At last, I turned around
To find a small, gray hound
Who pounced at me just to lick
My face, which was drenched in spit

I fell asleep in the night
Then I wake up, with sunlight
Covering my face, in disgrace
No, actually, it was a normal case

I named the little dog Spot
It was one of my first thoughts
Since the dog had a huge, brown dot
Right on its steel fur coat

It was time to go home now
But I didn’t want to leave just yet
I wanted to spent more time with Spot
But I couldn’t believe that this started with the meeting of it

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