Phone doodles

May 12, 2011
Free ta believe,
Give belief to a lie,
Sail away from the truth,
Till your view of it dies,
Fruit to the fly,
Like a patch to an eye,
Drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry,
Came after the 80's,
From a deep hole of Haiti's,
Where sin is love,
And love is a strip tease,
The little girls dream came true,
She was riding a unicorn-
-sketchy a** Germans make profit off child porn,
Cook fresh,
Eat smarter,
Here's 10 easy ways,
To cook fresh with fruit,
And have meatloaf Mondays,
Go out and make life,
don't write stupid s***,
I'm a caged mustang,
I chomp at the bit-------

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