May 12, 2011
By Jenna Parris BRONZE, Duncan, South Carolina
Jenna Parris BRONZE, Duncan, South Carolina
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Your mind and your spirit haunt me,
they won't leave me alone.
Filling my mind,
Making sure every emotion i possess is shown.

Clutching at my heart,
tearing my once lively soul apart.
I zone out, taking nothing around with me,
light blinds me, i just shut my eyes, i don't want to see.

The silence of your absence is deafening,
the will to harm me, in order to join you, is threatening.
I sit, alone, and curl into a ball,
daytime arrives and i just let the curtains fall.

The sound of your voice plays in my head,
especially and specifically the last thing that you said.
The feel of your soft touch on my hand, i long to hold on to, though it's slipping away, i want so bad for it not to.

The pain i feel is of no comparison or understanding,
the will to just be with you again constantly demanding.
I fight, for i know that's not what you would want for me.
For me, all you wanted was the feeling of the word happy.

I never knew the extent to which my love went for you until you left,
With you, you took my most vital organ once housed within my chest.

My soul, once fulfilled and content,
Now rests somewhere alone, cold, and hell-bent.
I don't think i'll recover from this, there's no way how.
I need you here with me, come back to me please, come back right now.

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