the tale of Jackson and Evangeline

April 15, 2011
By MysticWater GOLD, Sandy, Utah
MysticWater GOLD, Sandy, Utah
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i love how people say water has no taste... it tastes like water!

The clearing stood so silently still
Just from town, pass the old mill

There she stood in a dress black as silk
Blood fell from her chest as thick as milk

He came by foot, from the west
Saw, her, ran to her, and held her bleeding chest

Her eyes slowly turned cold
He’d never again have her to hold

Tears fell from his blue yes
Whimpers like howls filled his cries

“Why oh why?” he screams to her
From Death’s grip, there is no cure

“You dropped this.” A friend-smiled best she could
“I never want to see this again!” and tossed it into the wood

He tossed the ring he made himself
A crescent moon, diamond Goddess herself

His friend sighed saddened by this
Jackson cried out balling his fists

“Evangeline come back to me!” he shouted into the night
Living without her he knew would never be right

The friend said nothing, watching him disappear
The hope for himself was nowhere near

He kissed her lips, so pale in the light
Tonight was the night to make things right

He spoke soft vow words silently into her hair
If you fall I will catch
If you love I will love
And so it goes my dear
Do not be scared
You will be safe
This I swear

He laid her down, face to the moon
He knew of a man who could have him join her soon

Without a word he ran from there
Knocked on a door, and knelt on the stair

The man’s eyes held anger and he did but grin
So happy this would be such a simple win

Jackson ran, his face held the scares
He could not stop it, his body now theirs

A week passed before he was caught
He was beaten and cut, left in the water to rot

As his life slowly slipped away
His last thought was of Evangeline,
And finding her again someway

The author's comments:
ok another dream, and i will say this now, I KNOW THAT VERSE IS FROM A SONG. he just said it in the dream was all.

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