Love more than Self

April 4, 2011
By CynMen BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
CynMen BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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The days of love are now all gone
First were the days of unstoppable moments
The days when a few hours felt like only minutes
Jude loved him and wanted to forever be his
They loved each other more then they loved themselves

Jude was a high honored student
He was a crazy guy head over heals
Jude never wanted to be apart
He just wanted to be by her side
They loved each other more than they loved themselves

But then the real life kicked in
He didn’t love Jude as much anymore
He pushed her to the side and gave her the cold shoulder
Something snapped and he wanted to be far apart
He then loved himself more then he loved her

Jude was stuck in the love life
She thought that if she waited he would come back
But waiting just left her in sorrows and pain
For she realized that the love is gone
She then noticed that the more she waited the more it caused a heart ache
She still didn’t love herself more then she loved him

The love seemed to jut drift away
It was just as powerful as the wide open seas
But now it is as tame as a baby mouse
She wonder how did this happen
Where did she go wrong Jude gave him the world
She still didn’t love herself more then she loved him

Jude then seen that he was acting more different
She then knew it was time to move on
Jude did not want to lose a love so powerful
But she got lost in the idea of love
So then came the time in her life
She loved herself more then she loved him

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