State of Emergency

April 4, 2011
By JenxGoesRawr GOLD, Roswell, Georgia
JenxGoesRawr GOLD, Roswell, Georgia
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"This is how we'll dance when,
When they try to take us down
This is how we'll sing it.
This is how we'll stand when,
When they burn our houses down.
This is what will be.
Oh, glory."
- Let the Flames Begin by Paramore

This is a state of emergency,

Somebody save me.

Someone look me in the eyes,

And tell me they could fight the evil in me.

Save me from the sanity,

Save me from the melody.

That haunts me in the night,

That your singing hypnotizes.

This is a state of emergency,

Your lips scream murder.

But my love screams torture,

And yours screams, “adore me.”

Despite the reckless chaos of it all,

Despite the my darkness surrounding the fall.

You could show me to the light,

You could help me sleep through the night.

This is a state of emergency,

Can you hear the sirens?

They’re submerged by the silence,

By the passing hours and minutes that we deny.

Kill the innocent,

Burn out their eyes,

That enhance our shame,

That our dragging us to fate.

This is a state of emergency,

Are you even still breathing?

We feed off the pain,

We feed off the sane.

This is a state of emergency,

Can you feel the bleeding?

Can you feel the heart-ache?

Can you see the mistake?

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