I miss us

April 28, 2011
By Raini.Day BRONZE, Lake Odessa, Michigan
Raini.Day BRONZE, Lake Odessa, Michigan
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I love your looks
I love your stare
I love your smile
And curly brown hair

Your freckled face
And body too
I love the kisses
I got from you

I don’t know how
I don’t know when
I don’t know if
We’ll only be friends

I’m getting mixed signals
But one I like more
I’m sorry I cheated
Just like a w****

I’d take it all back
If only I could
I screwed up again
They all knew I would

It’s a habit I had
One I wish I’d broke
Before I had met you
This story’s no joke:

I came into high school
With confidence and a smile
I wanted some fun
Just for a while

I knew the right people
And not to get caught
But friends opened mouths
And a lessons was taught

I learned not to trust
Any girls or boys
So I cut myself off
From the troublesome noise

In self defense
I built my own wall
With big iron bars
Mighty and tall

One boy climbed it
He said that he cared
I fell for him hard
Just as he dared

He wanted one thing
I wasn’t prepared to give
He wanted my virginity
Not caring if I lived

I said no
But he wouldn’t listen
He took it all
Without permission

He stole my body
I was victim of rape
He was evil inside
Completed with cape

I started drinking
To numb the pain
It seemed to work
But only in vain

Things got worse
And I started on pot
Things got easier
But not a lot

I got pretty happy
And made some new friends
I partied it up
For nights on end

I seemed like a s***
But I didn’t care
Long-lasting romance
Was not in the air

But then I met you
Cute as could be
We hooked up once
But that was just me

We talked even more
To me this was new
I started to fall
So hard for you

It seemed too familiar
When you seemed to care
My past came back
And I got scared

I was scared you would leave
So I left first
I cried for you then
And felt my heart burst

Its not your fault
That I was scared
‘cuz when I see you
My heart still flares

Now you know
Exactly why
I screwed up
And told a lie

Think of me not
For my story now told
But a normal teenage girl
Confident and bold

There’s things I still love
Though were just friends
Im happy to repeat them
Again and again:

I love your looks
I love your stare
I love your smile
And soft brown hair

Your freckled face
And body too
I love the kisses
I got from you

The author's comments:
i was at a friends house and hooked up with this guy, and when we were done, we talked even more. i was kind o a slut before and was used to guys just trying to get some. but he was different and respected me. when he told me how much he cared, it reminded me of a former boyfriend, who raped me. i was scared he would leave me too, so i kissed his best friend when mine told me he cheated. it wasn't true and i miss him so much, and wish he would forgive me. he doesn't understand.

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