Do YOu Love ME?

April 28, 2011
By PoetryWriter4Life SILVER, Boynton Beach, Florida
PoetryWriter4Life SILVER, Boynton Beach, Florida
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for so long
I thought I was your one and only
but now it seems
I'm just your one in many

I really love you
Is that so bad?
to make you leave me
like a deadbeat dad?

I thought you trusted me
was I mistaken?
or is your love and trust
something forsaken

you kept me an inch from death
because of my broken heart
you fixed it back so well
it looked like a work of art

but that work of art
is slowly falling apart
and on a color chart
it'd be a purple heart

purple for being hurt and bruised
and all because of you
don't you understand what you mean to me???
do you have any clue?

you made me smile
you made me laugh
I was happy
you were my other half

I'm not mad at you, not really
I just wish you'd understand
that my love for you
only expands

but your love for me
if there ever was one
is beautiful yet dangerous
like a shining sun

do you love me?
or am I just wasting my time with you
do I even mean anything to you?
or am I just a speck on your shoe

I ask myself these questions
time and time again
why do you hurt me so much?
why do you cause so much pain?

is it because I love you?
Is it because I care?
is it because I spend my days wishing
I was there?

there with you
where I belong
where my heart is
where I feel strong

I can't go on like this
I need to know how you feel
and don't say indescribable
because I know that's not real

If I can describe my feelings
so can you
it's easy babe
just be true

every woman has a limit
and so do I
Don't just tell me what I want to hear
Don't just tell a lie

I heart you just won't do it
its not the same
it's I Love You
or our relationship goes up in flames

your time is almost up
it's now or never
tell me your true feelings
or I'll be gone forever

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