I'm Done, SEM

April 27, 2011
truth is, I feel sorry for you
this competition you think we've got going on
it's over and I'm done
as far as I'm concerned I've won

you try so hard and look so cool
but no one knows the you that's trapped inside
I see through the walls and the shadows
I even see through your lies

your eyes are full of secrets
that you struggle to keep within
the battle's been raging on for ages
but no one, not even you, sees what's under your skin

you can try to hold me back
but I promise, you won't succeed
I've got things you don't
things every person needs

I've got friends who make me laugh
but whom also I can confide in
I'm telling you, go ahead and fight the battle
but I promise you'll never win

the battle's long been over
and you're left in the field
I told you so, none of this would've happened
if, long ago, you'd put down your shield.

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