Almost Lover

April 27, 2011
Dear my almost lover,
I can't hold it in any longer
you have to hear my opinion
the things i left unsaid
when you left almost dead
the memories that still linger in my mind
the memories of you and I
I may still yearn for your affection
and it wasn't long ago you once wanted mine
all i can ask is what happen?
Where did our love go?

Goodbye my almost lover
i could never predict the change in weather
but i never would predicted the change in your mind
those long winter night
with your rough hands
gliding along my skin
stroking my hair ever so slightly
your touch once awoken me
awoken a feeling that i have hid
now i can only dream of your touch

Goodbye my almost lover
this is a letter dedicated to you
for me to express the truth
that I no longer need you
you may linger in my mind
and the memories of our car rides
the secret kisses we shared were full of desire
that caused my knees to go weak
and all our long talks that last throughout the cold nights

Goodbye my almost lover
you could have meant the world to me
but now I'm finally letting go
and letting my words free
maybe one day
You'll remember our adventures
and think maybe i should have stayed
wonder what could have been
what should have been

Goodbye my almost lover
i hope your happy with her
but she'll always know
even for a second you wanted me
and when i see her I'll smile
because i have nothing to hide anymore
but when i see you
my heart clenches
to remind me love can hurt
but I'll smile
because i know you'll remember our nights alone
Goodbye my almost lover
let my words be free

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real_me@26,33 said...
Nov. 27, 2011 at 10:09 pm
I love it :)
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