Out of Love

April 20, 2011
By Sergio Jones BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
Sergio Jones BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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You had one chance
But you didn't know
I asked you once
But you just left and said
That you had to go
How many times will you avoid me
And procrastinate the truth
And tell me I’m full of it
And not reply when I say

Do you love me?
Oh, baby please
Just say yes
But you can’t say now
You’re too embarrassed
For the consequences
That’ll come with the prize
You’d rather care about yourself
Than live with the regret
Of love
And then you’ll say you had enough
And leave me there to dry all alone
In peace and silence

Everybody’s telling me
That we’re not meant to be
But in my heart I have daydreams
And I see how happy you’ll be
When you’re with me
You smile and run
And I run along the path
We could have fun and just crash
I won’t cry though
If you just crash down and let me know
How much you care
And you won’t let love take a good long stare
And say

Chorus (2x)

Out of love
I need to know
I care to much
To let you go
The time will come
When I’ll say we’re done
And you’ll regret that you never replied
When I’m higher and you’ll start to cry
Out of love (2x)

The author's comments:
I was inspired by when I ask my friend if they love me, they just ignore the question.

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