the power of hope

April 18, 2011
By urnmarie BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
urnmarie BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
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On a windy day
In the middle of May
Flowers are growing
There is no more snowing
The sun is shinning
A child stops crying
Hope is on its way

He lives on the street
With no food to eat
His family is gone
What he did was wrong
He always wears yellow
And is a poor fellow
Hope is on its way

He was fired from his job
So he let out a small sob
No one dare speak his name
Now he knows, life isn’t a game
he looks up to the sky
Wishing he could fly
Hope is on its way

The church bells are ringing
The chorus starts singing
The preacher is preaching
He listened to the teaching
He sat in a pew
Wondering what he could do
Hope is on its way

That day he spoke to the Lord
Out his feelings poured
Looking up he prayed
Down shone a light the color of jade
God spoke to him
He confessed his sins
Hope is on its way

Then he talked to the preacher
Who suggested he become a teacher
The preacher lent him some money
And got him a job selling honey
He sent him away
To get an education that day
Hope is on its way
He spent six years in school
So that he was no longer a fool
It took him longer than most
But life has never been a coast
Graduation came at last
His family forgave his past
No longer did he need hope

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