April 19, 2011
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Venom is swift
Deadly and controlling
After the bite
The pain is appaling

The poisons soon
Attack your very core
Leaving you numb
Even worse than before

Venom I know
Can not be injected
It follows you
Until you're infected

I've got eyes and
Saw that you were broken
Your secrets now
Are brought to the open

It will now strike
And harshly victimize
Soon the venom
Has made you paralyzed

Through heartache, loss
Toxins start crawling
Using your veins
Destruction I'm causing

It's a battle
That will be hard to beat
A stronghold that
Only you can defeat

I slowly kill
Harder it's becoming
To rise and fight
Each night and day standing

Seeming as though
You've already failed
Can you survive?
Or is the pain being veiled?

By pushing on
The venom eating you
That's killing inside
I'll soon be behind you

The poison fades
The venom's no longer
Each time you fought
I made you yet stronger

After the war
There is one thing amiss
I know the question
And the answer is this

I was the venom

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