Struggling Along

April 19, 2011
By soaringeagle435 BRONZE, Elgin, South Carolina
soaringeagle435 BRONZE, Elgin, South Carolina
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I told you that I Love you and
You said you Loved me too
And for several months like this,
Our love powered through

Holding hands at lunch
And lots of kissing too
I knew that we were happy and
Our Love powered through

We had mostly good times
Rarely feeling blue
But by-and-by we went along
Our Love powered through

Oh too soon clouds rolled along
But I didn't have a clue
That you weren't strong; could not last long
Our love struggled through

Then came one day an icy wind
Bringing an awful idea to you
I died at that one word "Goodbye"
My Love struggled through

Through Retched acts and several girls
I buried all my You
Yet with hopes that you'd come back
My Love struggled through

For one year, right on the dot
I died because of you
Silently hurting, yet still yearning
My Love had made it through

With every drop of joy I got
The pain would soon ensue
And so it will go, for the rest of my days
My love enduring through

And so it will go, till I'm once more with you,
My Love, My Art, My undeserving Heart…

It all remains For you.

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