Painful Lust

March 21, 2011
Trapped. Completely succumbed.

This scandalous love affair offers happiness in select seasons, but anguish all the year long. A horrendous price to be paid with base compensation.

Pleasurable encounters, followed by lonely nights. I am your host and you, a parasite that feeds from my body. Could I ever complain? Why no, I the masochist loves you more the weaker I become.

The sweet lies and void promises. Blissful kisses accompanied by raging passion. That moment of unalloyed ecstasy.

In a sense I am a murderer. I allowed my soul to die, for a fallacious love that I somehow became entangled in.

Playful hearts that never intended to love, but only to fulfill their lustful needs. I carry a scar for this cause, yet I must feed my immense appetite that is sufficently filled only by your touch.

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