"The Prince"

April 6, 2011
The event of the year,
The stars of night are shining so bright;
On the eve of the royal ball,
Inside the castle where it took flight.

Standing in the middle of the court,
A majestic prince was he;
His red robe of royalty,
And radiant eyes of beauty.

Taking his hand to dance,
They fit just like a glove;
He sweeps her off her feet,
She knows she is in love.

He takes her away to the
Balcony, aside form all the commotion;
His smile is all she sees,
Not the trap that caught her emotions.

All of a sudden, she sees
The face of a beast;
His red eyes of fury,
Her life had been seized.

Her life, taken so easily,
Not a trace of footprints;
All done with some magic,
The work of the Royal Prince.

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