you rape me

March 29, 2011
By Oksana Smith BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Oksana Smith BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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i loss my innocence- you rape me

i didnt had a choice

no one never heard my voice-you rape me

your a memory of the past

your a horrible memory

you need to erase out my mind

so i dont have to remember this time

but it's not find

you took my innocence

the only think that make me clean

it was my innocence

now im dirty-u seen

i can feel you toching me

althought i'm alone

your no one i have met

and every man i have known

i am feelin guilt

even though it was never my fault

when will this guilt stop rebuilt

i fins this an insult

i am still feelin you touching me

even though i'm alone

rape-no one never heard my voice

rape rape than you was done


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