A Grey Party

March 24, 2011
One stray, one slip, one spark,
One flick of the wrist.
The little lonely lark
Sings, what have I missed?

There! Quite the festival!
By the berry bush.
Clowns at the carnival,
For freedom they push.

Through the thorny thicket,
The harrowing hay.
A life for a ticket,
Is what you must pay.

Now that your in the show,
Never leave, never love.
Through the corn field they go.
Why fly free white dove?

Boisterous busy bee,
Right around midnight,
Captured at the party,
Refusal of flight.

YOu've seen the wickedness through
All your long sad life.
Though, sadly, times too few,
Was left slain that strife.

Slain by light; oh so pure.
Light unexpected,
Could evil it not lure?
Evil infected.

Evil light may be turned.
Infected with grey.
Angels may not be burned,
by Satan's Light Hay.

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