Me and You

March 29, 2011
By rinkydink15 PLATINUM, Mandeville, Louisiana
rinkydink15 PLATINUM, Mandeville, Louisiana
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Love is when even a passing glance sends a million little butterflies through your heart, and you can't stop thinking about him.

You hurt.
You hate.
You don’t love,
But this is fate.

You treat me like trash,
I would never do this to you.
I love you, oh so much,
And you will never say ‘I do’.

Our love is everlasting in my mind,
It may never be in yours.
I see us together,
But you still ignore.

You loathe the thought of me and you,
But this is always in my head.
I know this meant to be
Because it is you heart that I have read.

You say you despise me,
Yet you and I always talk.
I don’t know what to do
Its your heart that I have to unlock.

I love you, oh so much.
Can you not see?
How to I express this love,
Forgotten to be.

You can never leave me,
Even if you try.
You will always love me
Even after I die.

Oh I love you so.
Can’t you hear?
Open your mouth,
And say ‘I love you dear’.

I saw you the other day
Even though you are gone.
I miss you so much.
You are as delicate as a swan.

Don’t leave me ever,
Don’t let go,
Please love me,
And just let your heart flow because our love will show.

The author's comments:
this poem is not a good as the others but it is a fun read

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