Good-Bye Forever

March 14, 2011
By Maraina BRONZE, Marble Hill, Missouri
Maraina BRONZE, Marble Hill, Missouri
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As heading out yo meet
the cold chill morning air,
I grab my ice skates
to go out and do my dare,

standing out there
scared to death,
what if I fall
what about Beth,

walking slowly
I hear a crack,
I turn around
and run back,

Beth has fallen
what should I do,
I try to pull her out
what if I fall too,

I slip and fall
the water is so cold,
I feel like a cluts
why was I so bold,

We look at each other
face to face,
it is so sad
then I swim at a pace,

I get to her side
I know were going to die,
I see our bubbles float away
and I know this our good-bye.

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