Young Lamb

March 10, 2011
Lay calm young lamb
The shepherd is here
Stay calm young lamb
Your time is near.

Since the beginning he watched you grow
Protecting you from all
From all the Evil you know
For you, through all, he stood tall.

Living through so much
Your life, stripped of all you love
But you never lost faith, hoping one day to feel his touch
The time has come for you to spread your wings, and fly like a dove.

Through the dark and the fights
The cold and the scary
Always showing you the light
He had plans for you to carry.

Your job is finished
You've diminished
your trials and tribulations

Now welcome young lamb
You've made it to the gates
Afar there is a man
On his throne he awaits.

Now you stand at his feet
To you knee you have gone.
It is him, you finally get to meet.
Your shepherd, Your father. The Son.

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