The Tenants of My Heart

February 22, 2011
By Amethyst13 SILVER, New Albany, Ohio
Amethyst13 SILVER, New Albany, Ohio
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Unconditional love is what I crave
But to thy own self be true
Therefore, I am a slave
A slave to my desires and the boy I long to touch
The one that I think God showed me,
so that it wouldn’t hurt so much
The one that He let me get close to,so I could get closer to Him
So I could truly think and feel,
instead of just pray on a whim
Of all the things he could've sketched or written,
on the back of that shiny card
He wrote the words "Love Me"
with planets and wings and hearts
"I can! I will! I already do!"
Is what I want to say
But I know that he chose another
So I save the words for another day
Unrequited and Unconditional,
two loves that couldn’t be farther apart
But, somehow, they both have found a way to reside together in my heart.

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