Unknown Hope

March 6, 2011
By White.Roses DIAMOND, West Chester, Ohio
White.Roses DIAMOND, West Chester, Ohio
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A little child on the curb
With clothes so tattered and worn
If she stole a glance from a stranger
He wouldn’t notice her heart was torn

She pulled her sleeve over her hand
And pinched the fabric around her thumb
Knowing that if the purple was hidden
Nobody would know that it was numb

She glanced up at the wintry sky
Peering underneath her hair
Because letting the world see pain in her eyes
Was just too much to bear

She caught a glimpse of a dancing star
As she gazed into the night
And thought that maybe she, herself
Would make a wish tonight

And so she wished and so she hoped
That her fantasies would come true
She wished for a smile across everyone’s face
But nobody ever knew

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