Sometimes I Don't Believe In Love

March 2, 2011
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Does true love only come around once in a lifetime?
I could swear that you will be mine
We’re just friends but that wasn’t just a kiss.
It wasn’t to me
But I’m not taking the lead in this.
You say we’ll wait a bit more
Date around a little while.
But I can’t stand the thought of another girl
Seeing your smile.
We’re best friends, that’s what you say
But I can’t stand the thought of being just friends
Day after day.
How come yesterday I thought it was love
And today I just feel numb?
I was ready to jump, ready to fall
Ready to be more than what we were before
But today, none of that rings true.
If this was real love, why would I be sitting
On the floor
Crying, over you?

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