Possession of the Mind

February 12, 2011
By MusicalDonna PLATINUM, None Of Your Business, California
MusicalDonna PLATINUM, None Of Your Business, California
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"Never be afraid to get kicked in the teeth. Let the blood and the bruises define your legacy." ~ Lady Gaga

Power possesses the mind
To control and time destiny
So let our freedom rise
Even if it leads to insanity
Rash decisions aren't wise,
And we end up blind and dirty
The living rapidly begins to die
Because we're foolish and blood-thirsty
Anything to take a chance, roll the dice,
It's our nature to take it and be risky
Rage can't be put to ease and rewind,
But move forward and let fate choose our destiny.

So throw anything and everything you have at us
With confidence, we can take it and get you back
We'll charge through it, dawn or dusk
Destroy your power that covers what you lack
And soon shall your kingdom be nothing but dust
We'll keep throwing until there is nothing to throw at.

For now we are boiling in the melting pot
But mark my words,
We'll take back all the power you've got
Until the mind settles, and so does the world.

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