Patiently Forever

February 24, 2011
With every breath I breathe I learn to wait
For signs that you are mine from the good lord
I know he'll take his time cuz he took his time creating this
This story, our story
But I don't know the end
It's hard and it's killing me I pray for him to send
Some healing, some aid, some mercy to me
But I will wait forever for you, you will see
At times I am unsure if we're worth the wait
I feel its too unreal and perhaps its all in vain
But he knows what he's doing and I have faith
In this, in us
And he'll take his sweet time
I know you're under pressure but I hope that you don't find
That I am, too much, trouble for you
Because you'll see, I'll wait forever for you
Others come running and pull at my heart
But I turn them away because I know from the start
That none are like you, no matter how kind
They are not you, and so they're not mine
I hope you can see quite easily
I'll wait forever for you you will see
With every breath I breathe I learn to wait
I pray that you"ll stay long enough to see
Have faith and wait patiently
Just long enough for me

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