The Chapel On the Hill

February 17, 2011
By strawberryqt09 BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
strawberryqt09 BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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Oh oh it was a misty morn,
Bright sunlight streaked the skies.
Women stretched out their thin limbs
And rubbed their sleepy eyes.

Jennifer Anne hugged her lover Drew
He then cried, “My love is ever strong.
Meet me at the chapel on the hill,
Where we soon shall join in song.”

Jennifer Anne’s eyes shined liked stars.
With a wistful sigh she said,
“My dear love Drew, my heart sings,
For soon we shall be wed.”

With a kiss they parted ways.
“Come one come all to celebrate.
Meet me at the chapel on the hill.”
Jennifer Anne called to the congregates.

Lilly Beth thought to herself,
“Haha! I’ll curse her fate.
I will not meet her at the chapel on the hill,
For Drew will not make the date.

Oh he and I, we had a past
Which mostly consisted of lover’s quarrels.
We sadly could not ever agree
Because we never had matching morals.”

Lilly Beth snuck off from the pack,
Who were doting and giving a gift.
She stabbed Drew in the heart,
Making sure his chest would never lift.

Jennifer Anne all dressed in white
Went up to the chapel on the hill.
“Thank you for attending my family
And friends an event of God’s goodwill.”

She hastily opened the door
And saw Drew chalky and white.
“My love, dead and cold,
Has too soon walked into the light.

My dear sweet Drew, oh no,
Dead on our wedding day.
Soon we will meet at the grand chapel
On the hill, for in this world I won’t stay.”

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