February 18, 2011
By , Wake Forest, NC
Who am I kidding?
It's over; it's done.
Now it's time for "goodbye"'s
And "Man, I had fun!"

The back-breaking straw,
The last slice in the rope -
That's what this is...
There goes my last shred of hope.

See how I've planned?
I thought we could be repaired.
How can you just change your mind,
Like you never really cared?

Is she worth it, I wonder?
Will she be the new Me?
I thought we were special -
What we were and could be,

But you tossed that aside
With one single kiss,
And I sit here and ponder -
Just where is the You that I miss?

With one lonely action
You destroyed, and you crushed
My hopes and my plans,
And most important: my trust;

Yet the dark veil of anger
Cannot blind my eyes,
Even after betrayal
And hearing your lies.

Because love is my master;
To the end, I will serve.
Therefore, I cannot, dear,
Treat you as you deserve.

As the hourglass fills,
You'll begin to see.
From your life, something's missing,
And that something is me.

So you'll come drifting back,
Say you made a mistake,
But the heart is too fragile;
There's only so much it can take.

Here is my warning,
For when you remember you care:
When you reach out your hand,
I just might not be there...

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