Broken World

February 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Alone I stare at this fire
that is destroying everyone and everything.
It is an endless battle in which I can hear Satan sing.
This is destroying our every desire.

In the end the world will burn out
And all that will be left of humanity is a tomb
We weren’t supposed to live this way, when we depart the womb,
So why do we fight? Why do we scream and shout?

Why can’t we simply love?
Why can’t we put aside our differences?
Why can’t we just admire everybody’s brilliances?
What was mankind thinking of?

The author's comments:
To be honest, Bob Dylan inspired me to write this. I love the anti-war attitude that he had in his early music. I want people to know that war and violence is NOT the answer to solve our problems.

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