A Wish From Heaven

February 9, 2011
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A Smile From A Star

Tonight I’ll wish upon a star
That one day a genie will fly here from afar
He’ll come to me and grant three wishes
He’ll offer me money or fame or riches
He’ll offer a boat to sail around the world
He’ll offer me an umbrella for every downpour

I’ll shake my head and flash him a disapproving frown
And I’ll say my words quietly, with my eyes locked on the ground:
All I want is a mother who cares
A family who loves me and will always be there
A house that doesn’t leak when it rains
And a cup of Advil to alleviate the pain
Someone I can lean on when my world turns upside-down
Someone who will bring a smile to each and every frown
I’ll love to have a jar of hope that I pray to every day
I wish I had one to share my love with and tell me its okay
Maybe I’ll wish for a smile here and there
Or proud faces from the crowd instead of a cold stare
Maybe I’ll wish for my heart to be whole
Or maybe some pureness to cure my soul

The Genie will be in awe as he stares down at me
He’ll say “I know just where to begin”
He’ll touch my shoulder with his left hand
And with his right, he’ll lift up my chin.

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