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Daddy's Keeper

February 9, 2011
By Anonymous

I miss the sound of your footsteps
When you come home from work
I miss the times when I tell you I love you
And you hug me with a smirk
I miss every correction
You made to my little mistakes
I miss the winter when we built a snowman
And on our pond, you taught me how to skate
I miss the day you told me
That everything will turn out alright.
I miss the time where I had a bad dream
So I slept next to you all night
I miss your gentle pat on my back
When I did something right
How every proud smile and “Good job, kid”
Filled my heart with delight

I will be the figure skater
That I promised you I’d be
And when I win the gold medal
I know that you’ll be watching me
I’ll try real hard in school
I’ll get straight A’s like you
I’ll use the strength you gave me
To maintain a positive view
I know you wanted a perfect girl
And I’m sorry that it’s not me
But just to show you I love you, Daddy
I’ll try to be the girl who you wanted me to be

Daddy, just know that I’ll never forget you
I have a place for you in my heart
You were the one who gave me hope
The one who kept me from falling apart
I know you’re safe in the sky
Where the angels hear my prayers
I’ll keep wishing on a star
That someday you’ll come back here
It’s hard for me to live like this
Because your passing came so soon
I’ll try playing a melody for you
But it may not be in tune
At night, I still hear Mother cry
While I lay in bed at night
Sometimes it’s hard to believe you, Daddy
But I won’t forget your words: “it’ll be alright”
I’ll try to hold my head up high
Just like you always taught me
I’m sorry that I can’t feel perfect
Now that you’re gone, it’s impossible to be
I still feel the ache in my throat sometimes
I push it back until I can’t anymore
I let my tears fall and I hear your voice
You say “Keeping holding on, don’t let your heart sore” .

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