Lady of the Forest

February 16, 2011
Lately here one autumn night
A young maiden came calling,
Heavy hearted, down trodden
Her courage it was falling.

The finest riches in the world
Stood in her castle walls,
A crown of gold upon her head,
She wept throughout the halls

She wanted not the splendor,
The crown she did cast off,
With her father she was angry,
His words had not been soft.

The King, in his grand demeanor,
Had gathered up his might
And against his innocent daughter
He waged a dreadful plight.

For his daughter loved a man
Of humble bloodline beginnings
His eyes were dark, his smile quick
But he hadn't gold or shillings.

He said, "So boy, you've seen your prize,
But have you the will to fight?
You will not have the fate's favor,
Mutts with bloodhounds, tis not right!"

The drew up what courage he had,
And this he did not lack.
"Your majesty I love your daughter.
For her I will walk any path."

"Walk any path?" replied the King
And then with cunning eyes,
"You must prove to be a man to me!
Go off to war, see the blood-filled skies!"

So banished to the war grounds
Was her lovers horrid fate.
Drawing up a flashing sword
He walked quickly out the gate.

The war raged on for months on end
Before the bloody siege broke.
The King caught glorious victory
Amidst the death and smoke.

Now all the broken soldiers
Marched home wearily from war.
The princess waited, hoping,
To see him through the gate once more.

The men piled in quickly,
To their families they fled.
Her soldier could not be found,
He was counted among the dead.

So bitter were her tears
As she walked that autumn night.
Boldly through Abnoba's forest
She sang of her lover's might.

Through the dark she marched on,
As the moon raced over the stars.
All the forest seemed to stop
Her sorrow was felt near and far.

Then swiftly blew the wind
As the lady Airmid heard her cries
Pity did she feel for the maiden
And a stillness came over the skies.

She thought to show some mercy
As the poor maiden heaved a sigh.
"I'll bring him back for a short time,
If only to say goodbye."

The maiden looked, and behold
Her lover there did stand.
"Don't weep my love, for here I am,
Returned from foreign lands."

His dark eyes, his quick smile
All were brought back to life.
She held him close and her heart rose,
Her joy cut through sorrow like a knife.

"Don't leave me again, my love,
I won't stand to live alone.
You left me to my father's mercy,
With him this castle is no home."

"I'm sorry, dear," he said to her,
"That you've felt such pain,
Just know that you're beautiful
And my love for you won't wane."

When the dawn kissed the skies
The man looked up in fear.
"Don't worry," she pleaded him,
"Let's ride far away from here."

"Forgive me love," he said,
And his eyes began to dull.
"I was returned for this one night,
but now I must rest my soul."

Her heart was chilled,
She clung to him tight
But her soldier began to waver
And he faded with the night.

So it is said from that day on,
A broken maiden, under moon's light
walks the path, always searching
For her lover on every dark night.

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nikkigonefishin said...
Mar. 5, 2011 at 5:23 pm
That was AMAZING!! I loved the concept and the structure and how everything flowed together. Great job ! :)
phyulibarri replied...
Mar. 5, 2011 at 8:30 pm
Thank you! :)
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