The Same Game

February 7, 2011
By LexieWhite SILVER, Canton, Georgia
LexieWhite SILVER, Canton, Georgia
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"This too shall pass."

You did the best you could.

They told you to give it a try, and that's what you did,

you gave it a shot.

Not every shot you take will always win,

but when you miss it's not bad to get up and try again.

And you did, again and again,

then once more after that,

"One more try", you'd tell yourself,

then one more after that.

It was a game of one on none;

You versus yourself.

You could've asked for a lesson,

but you never wanted the help.

You never won, you never made it in

You'd get close to the basket, but it'd bounce off the rim.

You stood, you'd run

Follow the ball, you'd loose control,

Then get back up when you'd fall.

And I stood in the stands, watching it all.

Watching you shoot, curse at the ball.

Look down a the grounds, blame them for your miss

Look up at the basket and shout "because of you, I missed!"

You never convicted yourself,

You never took the blame.

You'd yell at the winds,

But really, it was your hands that ruined the aim.

And it was your eyes that didn't calculate the right measures

You saw all the misses, and didn't think that you could do better.

You never tried a different game,

You stuck with the same.

Oh, it's a shame, it's a shame,

You stuck with the same.

You could've found a new play,

Taken back your name.

But you settled with the loss,

And told yourself it was the only way.

And still you said it was worth it?

That practice makes perfect?

But, Mom, perfection takes trials,

Trials have their errors, that show their mistakes

And, in the end, do you know how much time that takes?

Do you see all the time you waste?

Perfection, to you, must be a huge misconception

And if this is truely life perfected,

Then keep your practices and misses,

Cause I'd rather stay unperfected.

But thank you for showing me what I now know

Maybe when it comes down to my shot at the goal,

I'll forget about the basket

Forget the whole game

And I'll shoot to find happiness

Without changing my last name.

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