Egypt: 2011

February 3, 2011
I am watching as you writhe, my friend
From my high above safe place
I can see your masses move and shake
Every corner of your space

I can see the fires blaze, my friend
In the streets way down below
I am watching banners whip and seeing
Buildings set aglow

I am remembering your past, my friend
Your sand-worn ancient fame
And wondering how this could just happen
With such glory to your name

I am watching as your youth, my friend
Hoist their banners high
And keep marching onwards
As friends fall before their eyes

I’m thinking of the children, my friend
And now you can’t back down
The future of your land is counting
On your passion now

I’m not alone up here, my friend
All eyes are now on you
And we watch your cities burning
As the violence does ensue

I can see the ripples spread, my friend
To your neighbors and further still
The world is watching as you fight
And the spectators now grow still

We are safe and you’re not, my friend
And I don’t know what to do
Do I simply watch and wait and hope
And let you battle through?

Do I jump right in, my friend
And set your people free?
Or do I let them decide on their own
What is this thing called liberty?

So I take courage from your people, my friend
I am inspired by their might
As I watch the Egyptian people battle
Through another night

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